At the right moment, in the right place; AEtech is at your service

At AEtech, we offer a service and technical assistance programme to ensure the correct functioning of the production facilities at all times.

  • 24/7 Assistance

    Continuous assistance in case of any incident in the process and/or advice regarding the control systems installed by AEtech, with availability 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

    A team, organised and trained in the facilities of our clients, can operate remotely on the control system in order to solve the problem in the most efficient way.

  • Preventive maintenance control systems

    In order to ensure the correct execution of the processes, we automatically monitor all the critical parameters of the system in real time. The monitoring of the system allows us to carry out an extensive analysis of the whole set of communications, performance tests, safety and peripherals.

    The maintenance programme guarantees long-term productivity and is positioned as the most efficient system to avoid any incident and minimise plant shutdowns as far as possible.

  • Training

    We organise training programmes on the correct use of control systems with the aim of ensuring the workforce can get the highest performance out of the systems installed.

  • Post-Commissioning

    The high specialisation of AEtech in the management of production processes allows us to advise on the most suitable options for improving any plant or process.

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