Shall we connect you to industry 4.0?

In an era of constant technological evolution, it is essential to understand that the industrial revolution towards Industry 4.0 is the result of a transformation in the business model, one conditioned by the new demands of the markets (just in time, paperless, time to market , Quality & regulatory compliance, asset performance, etc.).

At AEtech, we help you understand the change in the business model, how it can affect the organisation and what technology should be introduced to increase production efficiency.

  • AEmes

    AEmes is your own vertical solution, specialising in the agri-food sector (feed and foodstuffs, flour and cereals, coffee, etc.) and chemicals.
    It is aimed at all those factories using batch manufacturing processes that require a comprehensive and specialist solution for their sector

  • Wonderware

    AEtech are Wonderware ArchestrA integrators, the leading company in the worldwide market for modular MES/MOM solutions. Its flexibility and AEtech's extensive experience of these systems, allows us to design and integrate any customised MES project. 
    It is aimed at a manufacturing industry that requires an exclusive MES solution which is completely adapted to its production processes, requirements and technological needs.

  • Market solutions

    AEtech has the knowledge to integrate any modular MES system through market solutions with worldwide presence:
    GE Automation
    ABB Automation



    Oversees the industrial processes remotely and in real time. It provides all the information that is generated in the production process (supervision, quality control, production control, data storage, etc.) and allows its visualisation, management and operation.

  • Batch


    Manages and controls batch operation processes with great flexibility, both for multiple flows and products in the processing lines. It allows for the introduction of instructions and the supervision of both the recipes and the execution of batches, providing a uniform quality and thus increasing operational efficiency.

  • Operations


    Guarantees that the processes are executed in an effective manner adhering to the specifications and allows for the management of the production (manufacturing orders, product definition, inventory tracking, data acquisition process, etc.)

  • Traceability


    The need to produce profitably and at a high quality level is accompanied by the market’s demand to know the elements that make up the final product, along with the need to record the process and quality values obtained in the different operations and tests the product underwent in the productive phase.

  • Performance (OEE)

    Performance (OEE)

    Performance is the solution for the management of KPI indicators and downtime. It allows us to carry out an exhaustive analysis of the performance of the various equipment, lines and manufacturing environments that make up the plant (OEE, MTBF, MTTR, TEEP, etc.), in order to improve productivity and the use of assets

  • BPM


    "Business Process Management" allows us to manage plant processes, including workflow that enables the collaboration between systems and people and the management of manufacturing process regulations, such as breakdown procedures or tasks for self-checking quality, maintenance, etc.

  • CMMS


    Corrective/preventive and predictive solution for asset analysis which allows the user to address complications before they become problems which can significantly affect operations, thanks to early warning notifications and diagnostics.

  • Quality


    It is responsible for managing and monitoring the quality of the plant. It acts in the management of the specifications, the management of the definition and execution of quality sampling, in the management of the state of the batches (change of state/route) and the quality reports. In addition, it includes real-time SPC (Statistical Process Control) and historicises the data with parametrisable tables and rules generating alarms

  • Energy


    Monitoring and specialised analysis application for energy management solutions. It informs us of the energy consumption with respect to the production data (production units, shifts, days, hours ...) treating energy as an element of competitiveness and not as an expense

  • BI


    "Business Intelligence" allows us to compare the data acquired throughout the productive processes with business data such as sales numbers, profits, investments. etc. The customised reports and dashboards with the most important KPIs at management level provides you with a general overview of the business in real time.

  • Data Warehouse

    Data Warehouse

    The incorporation of a database with structured information provides the user with new possibilities for analysing the data acquired throughout the production process. This availability of organised data facilitates the user’s ability and efficiency in making the most of the data when being consulted on decision-making.

  • ERP integration

    ERP integration

    All the modules can be integrated into the ERP or through Web Services or SQL Servers. On the one hand, it allows us to send manufacturing orders, enter formulas, create material lists (BOM) etc.; on the other hand, we receive the status of the orders sent, the use of resources (labour, machine, raw material ...), etc. from the MES system with a real-time information flow

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